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Welcome to JanMabry.com

So much has happened since The Bronze Report won an Emmy at the 42nd Northern California Emmy Awards ... a name change, a new station, new shows and new alliances.


We're coming up on our 10th episode and things are moving so fast.  Check back for updates on TBR and other projects at JL Mabry Productions. 


Meantime, you can watch all of TBR's episodes at TheBronzeReport.com.  


Thanks for stopping by.




p.s.  I promise to resume blogging soon... xo


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Jan Mabry

Janice Mabry has worked in film, TV, theater and music in the U.S. and abroad. She has written, produced and edited television news, talk shows, magazine-style shows and documentaries for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, FR3, TF1 and Antenne 2.


Currently, Jan hosts, hosts, writes and produces The Bounce Report, an Emmy Award winning magazine-style show about African-American current events, culture and history.  She is pleased to have a forum to showcase creative, intelligent, thought-provoking content about Blacks in America, and around the globe.  Jan has long believed in the power of the word -- spoken and written -- to inform, incite and unite across boundaries of gender, race, and nationality.


Jan has penned several plays, screenplays, and produced dozens of theatrical performances in Northern and Southern California. In 2002, she co-produced the feature-length film, Black August, starring Gary Dourdan, for Warner Brothers.  


In addition to freelance news writing at Bay Area stations, she also writes and produces Red Carpet Bay Area, a show that spotlights Northern California's cultural scene. 


Jan hones her skills as a web producer for CBS SF and considers web design a hobby and a necessity.  She created her first literary website during her post-graduate work in Comparative Literature, and designed thebouncereport.com.  Most recently, she created this professional weblog, janmabry.com.


She is working on a novel.  When she’s not playing with words and images, she is outdoors running, riding horses, traveling and dreaming. Jan lives with her family in Berkeley, California.


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J L Mabry Productions

J L Mabry Productions LLC was created in 2012. Founded by Jan Mabry, the company is home to the Emmy Award-winning show, The Bounce Report.

Meet Jan Mabry

Janice Mabry has worked in film, TV, theater and music in the U.S. and abroad. She has written, produced and edited television news, talk