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Welcome to JanMabry.com

So much has happened since The Bronze Report won an Emmy at the 42nd Northern California Emmy Awards ... a name change, a new station, new shows and new alliances.


We're coming up on our 10th episode and things are moving so fast.  Check back for updates on TBR and other projects at JL Mabry Productions. 


Meantime, you can watch all of TBR's episodes at TheBronzeReport.com.  


Thanks for stopping by.




p.s.  I promise to resume blogging soon... xo


Feature Video


More car stories.  I'm inching up Howard... I think it's Howard, and there's the bridge in my rear-view mirror.  Familiar.  The Bridge.  Capital B.  Unlike that thing they are building on the other side.  

Am I the only one who doesn't get it?

First of all, it's white.

It does not match.

It looks like the mast of an ugly boat.

It only has one tower.

It's flatter than the Dumbarton.

Did I say it doesn't match?

And those lights?  What's up with the lights.  I wish they'd light it up so I can get a preview of what we'll see at night.  

No, don't light it up. I can wait.

When are they tearing down the old one.  I can Google that.  The old Carquinez is still there.  And it's been a while.

I signed up to bike across it on Labor Day.... if it opens.  I want to do it for the novelty of biking across the bridge and looking at the bay from another angle.  Not for the bridge.

It will not grow on me.  I will not like it.  I'm glad I'm old enough to say I remember the old bay bridge... the grey one with the big bolts and lots of right angles.  It was cool.  The way a bridge should be.  Maybe now I'll move to The City.



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